ID Title Description Action
45 Avoid utilizing nested data tables Proper table structure allows screen readers ... View Add Delete
53 Avoid utilizing sub-tables in header elements Header information allows screen readers and ... View Add Delete
52 Ensure caption elements are informative CAPTION elements allow users of assistive tec... View Add Delete
51 Ensure data and header cells that visually sp... When blank rows or columns are used to imply ... View Add Delete
50 Ensure data table header elements are provide... When data tables are included in a page, deve... View Add Delete
49 Ensure data table headers are properly identi... Data tables must identify the header cells th... View Add Delete
48 Ensure data table headers cells are not blank Data tables must identify text for header cel... View Add Delete
47 Ensure data tables are formatted using table ... Data tables should be formatted utilizing pro... View Add Delete
46 Ensure data tables are not used to also layou... Developers should not include other page elem... View Add Delete
44 Ensure data tables do not contain blank rows ... When blank rows or columns are used to create... View Add Delete
43 Ensure distinct tabular data is provided in s... Separate distinct tabular data topics should ... View Add Delete
42 Ensure headers and cells are properly associa... Every data cell in a data table must be prope... View Add Delete
41 Ensure row header cells define scope Table row headers should define the scope att... View Add Delete
40 Ensure table captions are provided explicitly Explicit table captions should be provided by... View Add Delete
39 Ensure table data/headers in separate columns... Each distinct header and data element within ... View Add Delete
38 Ensure table headers are used in a valid fash... Table header (TH) elements must be defined ei... View Add Delete
37 Provide summary attributes for tables when ap... Use of the summary attribute allows non-visua... View Add Delete