Is It Legal to Watch Film on Putlocker and 123Movies?


Is It Legal to Watch Film on Putlocker and 123Movies?

When you often stream movies for free, you are sure to know the most popular sources like Putlocker and 123Movies. They are the top choices for users who don’t want to pay rent for watching movies. However, far from all of them realize that there are risks involved. Let’s find out how safe it is to stream free movies on the websites in question and is it even legal?

Are Putlocker and 123Movies legal?

The short answer is no. Streaming pirated movies, you break the copyright policy. That’s why you can get in trouble for using such websites, at least in some countries like Germany, the USA, etc. There are a few ways to get around this problem. You can use them in a bundle to create the most secure way of streaming movies and series via Putlocker or 123Movies. The first thing you should do is to get a reliable VPN. While many providers offer their services, far from all deliver you complete anonymity, a kill-switch, and zero-log policy. When picking a provider for movie streaming, these features are essential.

What about security?

It’s also risky to use these websites because of the pop-up ads which can infect your PC with malware or viruses. That’s why make sure your antivirus software can deal with the threats. It’s also wise to add a dedicated extension to block all sorts of pop-up windows and ads. Both precautions will bring more safety to the website.

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