The Best Sites for Free Films and Series


The Best Sites for Free Films and Series

If you often watch films online, you probably have your favorite and reliable sites. In most case, these are 123Movies and Putlocker. However, there are so many other great options. Some of them come with dedicated apps. Others let you download files, too. Let’s discuss the best options you can come across online.

4 websites worth your attention

One of the best on this list is Ice Films. This is not the biggest option but it has a very good selection of classics. If you are a fan, it’ll blow your mind. Yet, there are new releases, too. The library of content is sure to offer something you’ll like.

Another great choice is This platform stands out from the rest by offering fewer ads. If you use ad-blocking extensions, you won’t probably even notice them. Moreover, there is a great selection of options. has a huge catalog of films and TV series. In addition, you’ll find extra links to the videos. You can use them in case the player doesn’t work or you have any other issues with the website.

Finally, you must visit Vumoo. This platform is a well-known choice for many users. It has a very convenient interface which reminds of Netflix. You can browse the categories and genres as well as reach for the recently added or trending options.

Each of these sites has something great and unique to offer. That’s why you should probably bookmark all of them.

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